Represent NYC: Past Episodes

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Manhattan Borough President Gale Brewer talks with Jeffrey Abrandt of Goldfarb, Abrandt, Salzman & Kutzin LLP and Martha Sullivan of Citywide Behavioral Health Coalition for the Black Elderly about the challenges seniors in New York City face and what they can do to protect themselves.
Gotham Gazette’s Ben Max talks with Dr. Christina Greer of Fordham University and political reporter Jeff Mays about the upcoming New York City elections, the heated 2017 Mayoral race, and the key issues voters should be aware of when casting their votes.
Council Member Helen Rosenthal and her guests discuss the root of the extensive tax inequity problem here in the city and what needs to be done to fix it.
Manhattan Borough President Gale Brewer talks with Deputy Borough President Aldrin Bonilla, BetaNYC Executive Director Noel Hidalgo and Assistant Director of the Civic Innovation Fellows Program Emily Goldman about how mining the city’s data gives constituents the tools to solve community issues.
Trump has labeled the mainstream media as the enemy of the American people and when the administration cries “fake news!,” the public is left to wonder: who is telling the truth? On this episode of “Represent NYC,” Lincoln Mitchell , political analyst and author of “The Democracy Promotion Paradox,” talks with ...
Council Member Ben Kallos talks with Commissioner Fidel Del Valle from the Office of Administrative Trials and Hearings (OATH) about how to respond to a summons and the ways OATH may be able to help.