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This Saturday, INSIDE NEW YORK presents Part 1 of their exclusive interview with Barbara Chase-Riboud, the internationally acclaimed and award-winning artist, author and poet.
Next week on the Youth Channel, watch programming that’s honest, bold and inspiring.
This week’s YC Spotlight gives you a front row seat to a New Season Christian Center open mic night featuring a lineup of young poets and singers who advocate for peace and justice through art.
This week, protests around the nation galvanized in response to the current trend of rising rents and stagnant wages. With potential cuts to the Department of Housing and Urban Development and an overflow of evictions and homelessness, the #RenterWeekOfAction movement stood up to demand that housing be declared a human right reserved for all.
While you wait to hear the takeaways from the General Assembly, tune in to MNN to learn about New Yorkers who are making moves in fields like medicine, technology, media and more.