This week, our Senators played tug of war with American health care. As the White House fights to repeal Obamacare and swap it with a subpar replacement that surely spells doom, protestors took to telephones to call their representatives, and then took to the streets to make their ire known.
This week's "YC Spotlight" looks back on the 2014 Trans Day of Action, which is held annually to raise awareness of the injustices and violence transgender people have had to endure.
Some of the largest media corporations in the world are looking privatize the internet and new FCC Chair Ajit Pai is on board. Find out what's at stake this Thursday at 8pm on MNN-FSTV.
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Next week on the Youth Channel, get inspired by youth who are bravely sharing their stories and discussing the issues that matter most to them.
Are the president's policies, business practices and Russia-Gate causing you anxiety? This Saturday and Monday INSIDE NEW YORK invites you to enjoy comic relief with Comedian & Theatre Director RHONDA HANSOME!